Upcoming offers for “The Source”

First, I have to say that I’m overwhelmed by the interest in my novel “The Source” in just the first week it’s been available on Amazon Kindle! You all are awesome!

As you know, I have committed to giving 50% of the royalties from “The Source” to the Beckett-Foltz family to help 8-year-old Megan in her fight against AML leukemia. Because of this, I’m even MORE anxious to get the word out and get more people talking about the book.

I’ve been thinking of ways to do this. One of the best ways – especially for a new, unknown author – is to offer free promotions on the book. At the same time, I don’t want my early fans to think that they were too quick to buy the book when they could have gotten it for free. The best way I can think to “soothe” that burn is this – 100% of royalties up until the free promotion will be giving to the Beckett-Foltz family.

I will run the promotion on Amazon Kindle for two days after the release of the print version (more to come on that). Also, after the free promotion on the Kindle version, I will have a contest where the winner will receive a FREE, signed, print copy of “The Source” – who knows, it may be worth a lot one day!

Here’s the help I need from you all – tweet, post and blog your heads off so that we can let all fans of paranormal fiction know about this great new book. This will be even more critical when we run the free promotion and contest.

Stay tuned for further details. Remember, Megan LOVES the Twilight books and is totally Team Jacob, but vampires are still cool to her. 😉

Fang on!

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