More Five-Star Reviews for “The Source”

I am sincerely HUMBLED by the good response “The Source” has received. When I first got the idea of this book, I hoped that some fans of paranormal fiction would enjoy my take on the genre given some of my aggravations with other series (why does every female protagonist have to have some type of special power?). The fact that so many readers have enjoyed it this much is a thrill beyond my wildest dreams.

“The Source is a wonderful vampire/mystery/romance novel! It was a little slow at the beginning, BUT by Chapter 7 I honestly could not put it down!! Being from the Appalachian area, I absolutely loved that it was set in WV!! The ending leaves the door wide open for more and I can not wait for this story to continue! It is truly a great read and I highly recommend this book!”

“As a huge fan of Appalachian fiction, I was admittedly skeptical of the combination of these generes. However, this is an AWESOME book. I am from West Virginia, so this book not only captured my interest & imagination, It took me home. Author brilliantly weaves the storyline, backdropping it with Appalachian beauty. Renewed my love affair with the vampire novel.”

“This is a fantastic change to the common vampire romance novel. Gone are the common Hollywood features of chiseled and glamorous vampires and supported human characters. This takes on a realistic persona having a protagonist who’s a normal girl worried about her looks, perception, family, and of course her income.

This is a reality vampire story…. well if vampires were real. A great start to what promises to be an even better series.”

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