Character Spotlight – Mr. Robert Caulfield

Mr. Robert Caulfied – director of the Federal Office for Human and Vampire Administration, a department of the US government that is spearheading the attempt to address social concerns that have arisen now that vampires are open and accepted as citizens.

If the US government were a company, Caulfield would be a company man. He has an unwavering commitment to the work that FOHVA is doing and commands respect in his position as director. Even Rick gives him the same respect that he gives others who have PhDs, by always addressing Caulfield with the title Mr. Rick’s use of the title tells a lot about how he views Caulfield – compare this to how Emma will address one of the archivists as Ms. Montgomery, but Rick simply calls her Sarah. But not with Caulfield…he seemingly deserves the title and respect.

Why does Caulfield deserve so much respect? Further, why does Rick think that he does? Does Rick know more about him than he’s letting on? Maybe the respect is because of Caulfield’s position…his confidence…his commanding presence….or maybe in regards to the work that he’s tasked with doing. Specifically in “The Source,” Caulfield is managing an entire project to find a way to deal with violent vampire criminals – for the protection of humans and law-abiding vampires alike. It’s a huge undertaking with even bigger implications given the growing political climate of anti-vampirism.

Does he do it because it’s his job or because he feels that strongly about vampire rights? It’s hard to tell because Caulfield is truly a man of mystery to the point that the only person who might know is his assistant Allison – and maybe not even her. Or maybe Rick knows and is just not telling.

One thing that surprised me with FOHVA is that although they’re a government department, there appears to be a seamless partnership with the military. This of course could be because normal law enforcement agents – like with the FBI, DEA, etc – are not equipped or trained to deal with the vampire threat. That fact is part of the reason why FOHVA exists in the first place. Still, close military involvement is enough to make some people slightly nervous and question many things regarding Caulfield’s involvement.

Mr. Robert Caulfield is a figurehead; he represents the overall, decisive effort to maintain order – the question is what is the definition of order and who is doing the defining? Is Caulfield the one doing the defining, trusted with bringing ultimate social peace between humans and vampires? Or is he just taking orders?

He will play a bigger role in the plot of upcoming books in the series. It will be interesting to see – even for me – if there is anyone who will be able to breach his stoic demeanor and gain some insight about his motivations.

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