My Home, My Rules

I have decided that given many of the inaccurate – and sometimes downright insane – comments that are made on public websites, I’m going to start using MY blog more to express myself.

Scenario – I post an opinion about something, thought out and detailed like my blog posts – and someone will comment with all types of tripe that is either irrelevant or based on assumptions that paint the “story” in an erroneous light.


This is one of the risks you take whenever you make your thoughts public. I understand that and in a way, I welcome even the most erroneous responses – IF they can be appropriately addressed/rebutted. Problem is, if someone else owns the “space,” then erroneous comments will stay in the “public record” as it were because inaccurate comments are not removed – unless done so by the person who wrote it, which is highly unlikely.

Let’s make it simple – I’m not commenting on “open forums” like this anymore because inaccurate, incendiary comments are an offense to my optic nerve.

And to be even more simple – I want to be able to delete the stupid sh*t – especially when it’s a malformed judgment of my character or actions. Keep it real people! Know the whole story (all the details) before you comment.

For background – those of you who read my blog on all of the issues that we’ve had with our apartment – this post is in response to some comments that were left that were a veiled attack on me as being someone who does anything to exploit people. If you know me or have regularly read my blog, you can make up your own mind about that characterization.

Having said that, if not commenting in other venues, expect more posts to this blog.

Fang on! v–v

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