Tears for Boston – Dig Deep for the Why

As I’m reading some US and international news stories about what happened today, Bloomberg made a comment that I hope would cause some people to question things.

Bloomberg said that security was being stepped in NY’s “strategic locations and critical infrastructure, including our subways.”

Strategic locations. Critical infrastructure. These have been the historical targets of terrorist groups, international groups in particular. So why target the Boston marathon? Probably in hopes of high mortality, which is horrifying in and of itself. What else? People who do these terrifying things – whether you’re talking Al Qaeda or Timothy McVeigh – target areas for a specific purpose, to send a particular message or to enact a symbolic form of revenge against perceived wrong-doers.

Again, why the Boston marathon? Like I told my husband – in some ways, a terrorist attack is even more terrifying if we never figure out WHO or WHY. Our level of fear can be kicked up to considering EVERYONE a suspect and EVERY LOCATION a potential target.

I’m in tears because of the pain caused. And I hope that reason guides us in the upcoming weeks so that we don’t do anything rash.

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