The Evils of US Airways

I’ve had a bad experience with Delta before. I think maybe this morning’s experience with US Airways was worse – or maybe the Delta thing just happened too long ago. It’s obvious the agents at US Airways are in no way taught any type of customer service.

My daughter and I are going on a trip back to my hometown this week. I logged onto US Airways website because I decided to go ahead and upgrade our seats to something more comfortable. Traveling alone with a toddler is grueling enough, might as well be as comfortable as possible when doing it. Well, the US Airways website was experiencing a problem. I kept getting an error message that the request could not be processed and to try again. So, I did. A few times. It ended with me having no upgraded seats and multiple authorizations on my debit card totaling $1002.

I start to panic. We’re getting ready to leave on a trip and $1002 of my money is on hold. I contact US Airways by phone and the first woman I speak to is really nice. She explains that they can request the hold be dropped, but I need the fax number for the bank. I erroneously thought Chase had a fax number on their website, so I had to end the call with her and call Chase. Once I have the information, I contact US Airways again.

This is where a bad situation starts to get even uglier. The first agent I spoke to didn’t seem to understand what I was saying. She didn’t know the difference between an authorization and a charge. To make matters worse, she interrupted me while I was speaking. I asked to be transferred to someone else. She said I would have to hang up and call back. I admit, I rudely told her that she needed to be trained again, then hung up.

When I called back, I’m not sure that questioning her training was as bad as it sounds. I told the next agent that I needed to speak to someone in the customer service department, and she said they didn’t have customer service department. No wonder they don’t know how to appropriately talk to people! This same agent also interrupted me while I was talking, so I went the next step and asked to speak to a supervisor. A woman named Renita got on the line. She took my information and did everything to make the request to have the authorizations dropped. Guess what? During the conversation Renita rudely interrupted me, too! No customer service department is an understatement! All they have are sales agents that are not trained on the common courtesies of business interactions. Not only that, they didn’t even address the errors on the website – so if you use US Airways’ website today…BEWARE!

When the call ended, I wrote a formal complaint about the situation – a complaint that will be responded to within 4-5 days.

Even with the previous issue with Delta, I’m regretting that I chose to go with US Airways this time. Delta does not fly into my hometown anymore and the closest airport is a 45-minute drive. I thought I was saving my sister the inconvenience. Well, I’m not sure it was actually worth it after all of this.

Oh, and I still didn’t get my upgraded seats. Do you think I could afford another transaction when there’s $1002 being held on my account? Not likely.

As I’ve said before, when a corporation treats you badly, don’t give them any more money. I can get emotional abuse for free….no use in paying for it.

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