I am a Hillbilly AND I Love All People

The news has focused a lot on hateful comments recently. The person who made the hateful comments has been publicly attacked. Regardless of the so-called good intentions of the attackers, no good can from this type of approach.

I choose to remain positive. To focus on promoting tolerance rather than hating the haters. With practice, this approach is easy, but sometimes it’s still hurtful. Especially when a celebrity you respect uses this unhelpful approach and pejoratively uses the word hillbilly – uses it as an insult.

As I stated on my Facebook page:

I have been focusing on the positive, even in light of certain negative events. I know that reacting in negativity to something that is negative starts a chain reaction that consumes us all in ignorance and hate. Even in the face of this, I’m trying to emphasize the positive of the situation, so I’ll say this:

I am a hillbilly. We are a loving people. Many of us embrace tolerance. Stereotyping helps no one.

Reacting to hateful comments by using classist, ethnocentric slurs only perpetuates the hate.

My challenge to you: instead of attacking, speak about the many wonderful hillbillies and Appalachians who are doing good in promoting equality. This news story is a good start.