Many interests, two blogs?

Long time, no type!

Life has been really busy. Like many writers, I do have a day job that takes up quite a bit of my time. Add family responsibilities and the occasional illness to that equation, and you get a frustrated writer with little time to opine on all the crazy thoughts going through her head.

So, I’m going to try some self motivation.

Let’s be honest. My fiction writing is good, but it is not my strong suit. I strive for consistent improvement. In writing, my strength is in non-fiction writing – specifically essay and column formats, exploring different sides of social, political and sometimes controversial issues. I haven’t done much of that here as I’ve focused more on my fiction writing and my love of reading.

And I’ll be honest. Part of me feared expressing opinions on political issues in that it might antagonize people who enjoy my fiction writing. I’m officially taking that power back. I came to this realization through many free promotions for “The Source” – I don’t necessarily want everyone to read my fiction writing. I want the people who enjoy it, to enjoy it.  My goal in fiction is to entertain the people who like the story, not bow to those who would rather read something else. So I’m taking the power from that erroneous perception back and including non-fiction writing in the mix.

I will begin posting more non-fiction on HubPages, and I’ll be posting the first Hub later tonight. Look for it soon.

Until then, fang on! v–v