Chicago State of Mind


My daughter and I have successfully relocated to the Chicago area. My husband will arrive in a little over a week. Although tired, I feel so much more relaxed and content to once again be surrounded by family.

I have an interview for an office job tomorrow. I’m excited for new professional opportunities to help people learn and develop their careers. I just hope it doesn’t take away too much time from my writing.

Speaking of which, I’m reviewing/editing the last chapters of Mining the Dark. I’m going to write some new material for a plot arc, then finish the epilogue. After that, I’ll send the updated manuscript to my hard reviewers, make any necessary remaining edits, then it’s publishing time! So excited to have this novel ready for you all. It’s been much too long since the first book in The Mountain State Vampire Series (The Source (The Mountain State Vampire Series Book 1)). I personally think that Mining the Dark is a better book. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Cheers to positive life changes!

3 thoughts on “Chicago State of Mind”

  1. J.B. – Starting up an online Magazine/Forum. Looking for 300-500 word articles on controversial/contemporary subjects, but using some fiction/poetry, etc. Name of Mag/Forum is: Take a look! Also using thumbnail sketches and short bios. Love to have a piece from you. Also, would want permission to thumbnail your new novel! Send your submission to:
    Glad your move to Chicago is successful! Say “Hi” to Oprah for me. Think she should make a movie out of The Source. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. Wow. I’m just now seeing this. Awesome. I would definitely love to contribute. I have several projects in the works and doing editing work for Booktrope.

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