I am SO f*cking over it. Not only can you not trust a motherf*cker, you can’t trust family – blood or otherwise. The only person that you can really trust is YOURSELF. Even on my g*dd*mn birthday, people gotta give me sh*t instead of giving me my space. Disrespect me? I don’t care if you’re family or not, I’m throwing down. Toxic is toxic, so don’t let the door hit you on the *ss on your way out of my life.

That New Year’s Resolution of catching d*cks, not feelings is looking better and better…in all aspects of life. Sh*t. Family? Friends? Relationships? F*ck all that noise. Boss up and do you. Don’t get close to people because they will turn on you for their own purposes when they get the chance. Keep them at arms distance unless you’re hittin’ skins, then tell them to walk. You’ll be better off because you don’t need the stress of dealing with other people’s bullsh*t.

Want to get close to me? Step the f*ck off. Oh, you’re family and got nothing good to say? Step the f*ck off.

Sometimes creating your own happiness means a total factory reset on your life. Clean slate, motherf*ckers. No one here gets out alive.

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