You See Me

I got into any interesting conversation with my first love. I try not to be too cynical – but aside from my daughter, I’ve always thought of him as being the love of my life. Things just couldn’t work out between us in this lifetime, but in an alternate universe, we are definitely one hot, passionate couple. Unfortunately, in this universe, our orientations don’t coincide. However, we’ve always had a somewhat cosmic connection to one another.

Today he asked me a weird question – to use three words to describe him. I told him the three words, so being intrigued, I asked him to do the same for me. This is what he said:

“Give me like 2 seconds. Believe it or not I’ve thought along these lines before for some reason. It’s difficult to narrow it down.”

“See right off the top of my head I wanna say brilliant and outspoken. But those 2 kinda go hand in hand. So probably only consider them one.”

“Paradoxically unique seems kind of a generic word and not comprehensive enough. But it’s part of what I wanna say.”

“Is there a word that means a combination of fascinating and alluring? See what i mean? You put me in mind of words not yet in existence.”

I have never in my life been held in such a high regard nor have I ever been made to feel that the other person didn’t just see me, they saw my essence.

This is why when all of time stops, regardless of orientations, he and I will still find a way to connect and co-exist.

For US.


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