Too Cold!

It’s going to be a great day, but it’s too cold!

I’m already up and fixing breakfast, but I feel my own cold coming on as my throat is scratchy and my left ear aches. 😔

Regardless, we shall push on. My daughter and I are going to tackle the nightmare that is her room, then I’m going to continue re-arranging our apartment into a more comfortable Pagan living space. All the negative energy needs to be cleansed from here.

Also, given the multiple attempts of the spirit of my father trying to contact me – hearing his voice say hello multiple times, hearing faint classic country music playing in my bedroom, weird things going on with appliances – it’s time for some major protective magick. When a deceased father presents to a child like that, it means the child is in some form of danger and needs protection.

Don’t worry, daddy – I’ve got it on lock.

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