Exception on Personal Posts

So I decided to make an exception on this issue because I think it’s important.

This morning I realized that someone had done some minor vandalism to my car. I had a “Mountain Mama” sticker on the windshield of my car. Someone took something – most likely keys – and scraped the word “Mama” off and causing some scratches on the glass.

With all that is going on, this is a rather pointed statement. I’m sure the person who did it thought that it would hurt me, like a knife in my heart, all with malicious intent.

However, I just shook my head. It continues to amaze me just how small-minded and emotionally immature people can be. Such a sad existence.

Regardless, I still reported it to the police so that there is official documentation.

Like Lizzo says, “True love finally happens when you by yourself.” Snap.

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