Body Creativity

I’m a creative in all aspects of the word, including with my body – whether that is with the clothes I wear, how I do my makeup, the fact that my current style is to keep my hair dyed purple, getting various piercings, or meaningful tattoos.

I have more planned with this for the next six months – one piercing and three tattoos.

First the piercing. It’s actually a do over as I’ve had it done before – piercing my tragus. I had it done on the right side, but it didn’t heal right and now there’s scar tissue. That can happen when you do the piercings yourself. 😉 This time around, I’m having a professional do it and having my left tragus pierced.

I will hopefully get the first of three tattoos this Saturday. It’s a very simple one – a black semicolon on my neck behind my right ear. For those unaware, the semicolon has become a symbol of support for suicide intervention and mental health issues – it basically means your story is not over yet. I’m getting it on my neck behind my right ear for personal reasons.

Eventually there will be two more tattoos. From the suggestion from a friend when my Mountain Mama sticker on my car was defaced, I’m going to get the sticker design tattoed on my right arm under my name. No one will be able to take that away from me – forever a Mama and forever from the Appalachian Mountains.

Lastly, once the divorce is finalized, I will mark the occasion with a rainbow phoenix in the center of my upper back. A phoenix to celebrate me rising from the ashes and rainbow to celebrate my re-entry into the LGBTQI community.

So very excited for the future and the version of me I am becoming!

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