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I'm a paranormal fiction author who was born and raised in the foothills of Appalachia. I'm eclectic, having diverse interests which shows in my writing. I have a degree in Sociology in which my studies focused on crime and deviant behavior and race and gender relations in post-grad. I love to travel, and my varied experiences around the world are woven into my stories. I love reading, music and learning. I currently reside in the Chicago metro area with my Goddess-like daughter. As Emma would say, variety is the spice of life, but too much spice gives me heartburn.

For Talent Development Professionals

As TD professionals, we encounter a lot of different people in the workplace. As we know, diversity in our employees sets us on the right path to being innovative and finding the right solutions whenever issues arise. We never want to limit ourselves when finding the best talent out there.

We need to go even further than this in the training of new employees. Keep in mind that respect for everyone is of upmost importance. On this theme, whenever you’re facilitating a class, don’t touch the participants! Those of us with an HR background know that even the seemingly most non-threatening touch on the shoulder can be taken as inappropriate by the person being touched – and sexual harassment laws do not concern the intent of the actor, but on how it impacted the person being acted upon.

But we also need to think of it this way – we don’t know each individual’s story. What if, just what if, the participant that we touch on the shoulder is a survivor of abuse, and that touch psychologically triggers them? We can never know – unless we’ve been told – so it’s best that we just avoid this altogether.

I know that it can be hard for some of us who are touchy-feely individuals, but as professionals, one of our mantras in the workplace should be, “Keep your hands to yourself.”

Exception on Personal Posts

So I decided to make an exception on this issue because I think it’s important.

This morning I realized that someone had done some minor vandalism to my car. I had a “Mountain Mama” sticker on the windshield of my car. Someone took something – most likely keys – and scraped the word “Mama” off and causing some scratches on the glass.

With all that is going on, this is a rather pointed statement. I’m sure the person who did it thought that it would hurt me, like a knife in my heart, all with malicious intent.

However, I just shook my head. It continues to amaze me just how small-minded and emotionally immature people can be. Such a sad existence.

Regardless, I still reported it to the police so that there is official documentation.

Like Lizzo says, “True love finally happens when you by yourself.” Snap.

When Profession and Religion Coincide

I have started focusing on building a daily Pagan practice again after about 14 years.

Part of this daily practice is to check my calendar and confirm the color coordinate for the day – this is the color that coordinates with the position of the astrological sign for that day. Once I have confirmed the color, I pick out an outfit with that color as a primary focus.

Today’s color is black, so I wore all black. I show up to the office and the entire Learning and Development team is dressed in black.

Funny how that works.

Further Protection

To further protect myself from emotional and verbal abuse, including anything in my posts used to attack me in these ways, as of now, I will cease posting any information regarding my personal life or daily adventures.

Going forward, this blog will focus on the following:

  • My work as a training and development professional
  • My work as an independent author
  • My support of mental health advocacy and suicide intervention
  • All things related to Paganism
  • Music, in all its forms

Please bear with me as I sort of re-brand the purpose of this page.

Blessed be!