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Escape from Abuse

Greetings, all!

I know it has been quite a while, and much has changed in that time. I’m hoping to use this blog more often to help process the daily struggles that I am facing.

I have been in spousal abuse therapy for over 6 months. I have been in an abusive relationship for well over 10 years. It took 6 months of therapy to get me to the point where I can finally free myself.

Unfortunately, the divorce process has become quite contentious. The future is sure to be filled with legal issues, court dates, and reliving traumatic events that cause me great emotional pain.

I was at the courthouse last week. As I was standing patiently in line to speak with the county clerk, a man and woman began arguing. The man started yelling, cussing, and calling the woman a fat *ss. This hit too close to home for me as I’ve been in this exact situation before. I was so triggered that I began shaking and crying right there in front of everyone. The clerk actually apologized to me, but that did little to help the situation. When I was finished with the clerk, I tried to quickly get away from the commotion, but was shaking so hard that I fell to the ground. The man who had been verbally abusing the woman, actually tried to help me up. I jerked away from him, yelled “don’t touch me,” and got up and ran. It was truly horrifying for me.

This is just a sample of what has happened in the past weeks since September 22, 2019, which I now refer to as “D” day. One day I will be more open with my story. Until then, I need all the help and support I can get. If you can, please donate to the cause:

If you’re not able to donate, it’s completely understandable as many of us are going through hard times. Please share the link with others all over social media. And as always, prayers are more than welcome.

Blessed Ostara!


A blessed Ostara to all who celebrate and a happy first day of Spring to everyone else! A special wish of joy to all of my Hindu brothers and sisters who are celebrating Holi. Mubarak!

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I Am Becoming

Do you love poetry? How about prose/essays? Then check out my new book, I Am BecomingThis is not your standard book of poetry. I have coupled each poem with some short prose on a related topic so that you can easily flow from one offering to another. I’m really proud of this one, and right now, it’s only $0.99 on Amazon Kindle! So get your copy today and don’t forget to leave me some feedback!

Writing Ritual

I will post a more meaningful blog soon, as things are getting rather interesting around the Stilwell Manor.

For now, I’m struggling to maintain my writing ritual. Because of life getting in the way, I’ve been forced to write a lot of non-fiction, which doesn’t necessarily bode well for my fiction writing. Well, that’s not completely true because any writing is helpful in the practice of writing. However, the ritual I usually have has taken a back seat.

I don’t have a specific writing room, which is something that is on my wish list. I do however like certain smells and music to accompany my writing time, so incense and an mp3 player tend to be common tools that I use. To give an example, when writing about vampires I’ll typically listen to something like Italian opera. Nothing seems to get me in a vampier mood than that, except maybe Gregorian Chants or Enigma. I need for any space that I use to provide the right mental connection for my writing. Thankfully incense and an mp3 player are pretty mobile so that I can accommodate just about any room for my craft. I still want a room of my own one day.

When being creative, what are your rituals? Do you create in a specific place? Do you listen to music? Light candles or incense? Do you create indoors our outdoors?

Take it from me, developing a ritual for creating will elevate your skill by providing dedicated, almost sacred, space/time for your craft. It’s definitely a way to get your mind prepared for the task at hand so that anything will be hard pressed to distract you from your intent.

I look forward to getting back to my ritual and giving your more insight to my current state of mind.

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