Exception on Personal Posts

So I decided to make an exception on this issue because I think it’s important.

This morning I realized that someone had done some minor vandalism to my car. I had a “Mountain Mama” sticker on the windshield of my car. Someone took something – most likely keys – and scraped the word “Mama” off and causing some scratches on the glass.

With all that is going on, this is a rather pointed statement. I’m sure the person who did it thought that it would hurt me, like a knife in my heart, all with malicious intent.

However, I just shook my head. It continues to amaze me just how small-minded and emotionally immature people can be. Such a sad existence.

Regardless, I still reported it to the police so that there is official documentation.

Like Lizzo says, “True love finally happens when you by yourself.” Snap.

When Profession and Religion Coincide

I have started focusing on building a daily Pagan practice again after about 14 years.

Part of this daily practice is to check my calendar and confirm the color coordinate for the day – this is the color that coordinates with the position of the astrological sign for that day. Once I have confirmed the color, I pick out an outfit with that color as a primary focus.

Today’s color is black, so I wore all black. I show up to the office and the entire Learning and Development team is dressed in black.

Funny how that works.

Further Protection

To further protect myself from emotional and verbal abuse, including anything in my posts used to attack me in these ways, as of now, I will cease posting any information regarding my personal life or daily adventures.

Going forward, this blog will focus on the following:

  • My work as a training and development professional
  • My work as an independent author
  • My support of mental health advocacy and suicide intervention
  • All things related to Paganism
  • Music, in all its forms

Please bear with me as I sort of re-brand the purpose of this page.

Blessed be!

Productive Day

I’ve managed to accomplish a lot today.

I’ve gotten the kitchen almost finished with the way I want it. The last thing to do is clean the stove top and finally start using it.

I’ve done a lot of laundry, and there’s still no end in sight. My daughter and I definitely have too many clothes. I think a donation to a local shelter is in our future.

I cooked a double lunch – spaghetti for my daughter and brown beans with a ham hock for me. Dinner is going to be some type of lamb dish with rice.

Finally before stopping for the day, I’m going to finish the living room and FINALLY get my main altar set up. Once that’s done, let the games begin. 😉

Blessed Sunday, y’all!

Lovely Evening

Wow, I took a nap and woke up to everything covered in snow! Such is life in this area.

It’s a perfect evening to listen to music, enjoy some merlot, and browse through the absolutely AWESOME employee discount plans with LOTS of merchants that I now get with my new job. All of the discounts are excellent, however the most exciting to me is the discounts on buying new cars. I even saw that there are employee discounts on buying Audis. Now, I would not be able to afford a new Audi even with the employee discount. But with the employee discounts on used Audis, absolutely! I’m thinking that’s going to happen later this year.

Goddess bless 2020!