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“This is a fantastic change to the common vampire romance novel. ”

4.9 stars on Amazon with 9 five-star reviews!

Only $2.99 on Kindle and $8.99 for print, “The Source” is a great new addition to the vampire genre, exploring new territory

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And don’t forget, 50% of all royalties are being donated to the Beckett-Foltz family for 8-year-old Megan’s leukemia treatment.

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Bullying – What’s the Answer?

There is a lot in the news about bullying. A whole social movement has developed that is anti-bullying. This is a good thing. The emotional immaturity that goes with degrading another person just to make your own life seem less pathetic is an evil in the harm it can do to both the victims and the survivors. I say this because many are bullied and don’t go down the dark path of suicide. They’re the lucky ones. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the human mind is a miraculous thing in its ability to cope – but in its strength is also its weakness. I firmly believe that much of what we deem mental illness is nothing more that the conscious mind’s way of dealing with unconsciounable circumstances. Because of this, there is a VERY thin line between coping and breaking.

As bullying got more and more press, I began to think – is it really an epidemic? Or is this another way that the media is taking something that has been going on forever and is only now giving it attention to sell advertising space with the buzz word of the day? This is in no way meant to belittle the pain of the stories we see on the news and Bullyville. What I’m saying is that as I listen to these stories I think to myself – “I remember having that happen to myself” and “that happened to someone in middle school.”

For whatever reason, and maybe a subconscious push on my part, I’ve talked to people that I went to high school with about some of these things. I was shocked to learn that every one of them could remember a time of being bullied – and more than one admitted to attempting suicide. Actually attempting  – not just thinking about it.

Because of the media focus, it makes one thing that bullying is so much worse now that there is a higher rate of suicide. Is that true? Were my classmates just lucky in that their attempts weren’t successful? Did we cope differently then? Are kids – who by definition are emotionally immature – not taught appropriate ways to deal with things?

One difference I’ve noticed with my daughter’s play school. They teach that you don’t “exclude your friends” and if exclusion happens, they “talk” about their feelings and tell the “excluder” that it’s not nice and they don’t like it. This is definitely a different way than what I was taught by my father. I remember my father telling me that if anyone ever pushed me around, if I didn’t defend myself – to the point of beating their ass – then I would get my ass beaten when I got home. Still, even with this lesson, I was picked on to the point of delving into chronic depression as a teenager.

So where did things get worse? Is today’s approach better than what my father taught me? The media reports would suggest that, well, maybe not. But I know enough about the money-making goals of the media to know that they sensationalize things and focus on stories that more often than not, do not represent the majority of human experience. Again, this is not to belittle the trauma of those who are bullied. These are thoughts that have given me pause from saying “we need to go back to a time when we were willing to fight to stand up for ourselves rather than talk about our ‘feelings.'”

I don’t know what the answer is. I know it’s not suicide. Actually, suicide is not even the root issue – it’s what leads up to a child wanting to end his/her life that we need to focus on. My gut tells me it’s at least three things – the bullying behavior itself, teaching our children effective ways to cope and respond and a question that plagues every parent – if something horrific like this were to happen to my child, how could I have prevented it and why didn’t I know what was going on?

I guess one of the main questions is where did bullies learn the behavior and what is lacking in their own lives that bullying has become a way for them to create a false sense of self-esteem? I don’t know if I’ll ever know the answer to that question – and there may actually be more than one answer. I just hope that I can teach my daughter the respect that she needs – for herself and those around her so that she grows up into a strong young woman who defends herself, others and doesn’t need to bully people because she is comfortable and proud of who she is, the way she is.

All parents want this for their kids. It’s time parent actually start talking to each other on how to get this deadly social disease to stop spreading…before we have to buy more burial plots for our nation’s children.

Results of “The Source” Giveaway!

Sorry for the lateness in posting this. Last night turned out to be a lot more work than I had expected.

The winner of “The Source” giveaway is….

…Manuela Cruz Hauser!

I actually think that Manuela had the most entries out of anyone in the contest. Thank you Manuela for all of your posts! Manuela will received a signed copy of “The Source” and it will include a personal message. Awesome stuff!

And thanks to everyone who has

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“The Source” Giveaway!

Today is the today! You will soon know if you are the winner of a signed print copy of “The Source.”

At 7:00 p.m. PST, we’re going old school and putting all of the entries into a spooky Halloween bucket. Then my daughter Maya will draw the lucky winner.

Stay tuned for the announcement. Fang on! v–v

Also, I am continuing with the donations to the Beckett-Foltz family. For every copy of “The Source” that you buy – Kindle or print version – 50% of the royalties are going to help with 8-year-old Megan’s leukemia treatment. A great cause and a good book – no better deal than that!

More Five-Star Reviews for “The Source”

I am sincerely HUMBLED by the good response “The Source” has received. When I first got the idea of this book, I hoped that some fans of paranormal fiction would enjoy my take on the genre given some of my aggravations with other series (why does every female protagonist have to have some type of special power?). The fact that so many readers have enjoyed it this much is a thrill beyond my wildest dreams.

“The Source is a wonderful vampire/mystery/romance novel! It was a little slow at the beginning, BUT by Chapter 7 I honestly could not put it down!! Being from the Appalachian area, I absolutely loved that it was set in WV!! The ending leaves the door wide open for more and I can not wait for this story to continue! It is truly a great read and I highly recommend this book!”

“As a huge fan of Appalachian fiction, I was admittedly skeptical of the combination of these generes. However, this is an AWESOME book. I am from West Virginia, so this book not only captured my interest & imagination, It took me home. Author brilliantly weaves the storyline, backdropping it with Appalachian beauty. Renewed my love affair with the vampire novel.”

“This is a fantastic change to the common vampire romance novel. Gone are the common Hollywood features of chiseled and glamorous vampires and supported human characters. This takes on a realistic persona having a protagonist who’s a normal girl worried about her looks, perception, family, and of course her income.

This is a reality vampire story…. well if vampires were real. A great start to what promises to be an even better series.”

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Humbling Praise for “The Source”

“I laughed, I cried. I want more, and am delighted to know there will be more. There is deep wisdom in your writing, and it makes me proud to be able to call you friend.” – Dr. Susan Jackson, professor of Art History, Marshall University.

All praise can make you feel as if you’re floating on a cloud. When you get it from someone that you highly respect – especially when you’re not expecting it – you’re flying amongst the stars.

$2.99 on Kindle and $8.99 for print copy on Amazon. 50% of royalties being donated to the Beckett-Foltz family to help with 8-year-old Megan’s treatment for AML leukemia.