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Get in the Halloween spirit by reading a great vampire book!

“The Source” is the first in an up-and-coming paranormal romance/thriller series set in foothills of Appalachia. Follow Emma on her journey of self-discovery that happens to include working with vampires on a covert government research project.

With fifteen 5-star reviews and one 4-star review, you won’t go wrong taking a chance with this book. Get your copy today!

And don’t forget – 50% of all royalties will go to the Beckett-Foltz family to help with 8-year-old Megan’s leukemia treatment.

v–v Fang on!

A Great Book – An Even Better Cause!

“This is a fantastic change to the common vampire romance novel. ”

4.9 stars on Amazon with 9 five-star reviews!

Only $2.99 on Kindle and $8.99 for print, “The Source” is a great new addition to the vampire genre, exploring new territory

in the vampire mythos interweaved with the beauty of Appalachian culture. With Prime, you can borrow it for FREE if you own a Kindle! Read it today – and to show you’re support of the Mountain State Vampire Series, make sure to post a review on Amazon!

And don’t forget, 50% of all royalties are being donated to the Beckett-Foltz family for 8-year-old Megan’s leukemia treatment.

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“The Source” Giveaway!

Today is the today! You will soon know if you are the winner of a signed print copy of “The Source.”

At 7:00 p.m. PST, we’re going old school and putting all of the entries into a spooky Halloween bucket. Then my daughter Maya will draw the lucky winner.

Stay tuned for the announcement. Fang on! v–v

Also, I am continuing with the donations to the Beckett-Foltz family. For every copy of “The Source” that you buy – Kindle or print version – 50% of the royalties are going to help with 8-year-old Megan’s leukemia treatment. A great cause and a good book – no better deal than that!

Humbling Praise for “The Source”

“I laughed, I cried. I want more, and am delighted to know there will be more. There is deep wisdom in your writing, and it makes me proud to be able to call you friend.” – Dr. Susan Jackson, professor of Art History, Marshall University.

All praise can make you feel as if you’re floating on a cloud. When you get it from someone that you highly respect – especially when you’re not expecting it – you’re flying amongst the stars.

$2.99 on Kindle and $8.99 for print copy on Amazon. 50% of royalties being donated to the Beckett-Foltz family to help with 8-year-old Megan’s treatment for AML leukemia.

Sink your teeth in!

Buy my debut novel “The Source (A Mountain State Vampire Novel).” It’s a great read for all of you paranormal romance/thriller fans!

Also, 50% of all royalties are being donated to the Beckett-Foltz family in their fight against childhood leukemia. Search for the Kindle version on Amazon using the ASIN B008XDNVXY.

For your international friends, the same ASIN can be used to find the book on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it and Amazon.es!

Info on the physical edition coming next week!